5 Pins + 5 Links

one way to put a challenging day in perspective....

a gorgeous autumn wedding with possibly one of the most beautiful wedding dresses ever

A whole heap of hair "how-tos", everything you've ever wanted to know....


  1. Stunning black and white photograph...and I love the quote...we do like our quotes, Simone ;)
    Have a good week xx

  2. Thanks for sharing such moving videos. I love it when my heart gets touched and the water works turn on, it's a good thing. It seems, the older I get, the more I cry at good things. They say that crying is how we express our emotions that are too strong for words. I always want to share videos on my blog, but don't have good response, I wonder if they cannot see the video or don't have a fast enough internet connection? Thank you for always having the most beautiful content. Lots of Love, Heidi

  3. I've never seen the Brad Pitt-Angie photo before, there's something about this shot that's so intimate. I shall have to check out your links now. I always enjoy them. Hope you had a wonderful time with the family, I look forward to hearing about your vacation.


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