Blue As The Ocean.

I first spotted the photograph above in a magazine article which featured the Brooklyn townhouse home home of Beastie Boy Mike Diamond.

Further investigation revealed that his home has featured fairly extensively on the internet since via The New York Times, Apartment Therapy and, of course, Pinterest.
In fact, I first saw the house when I came across his kitchen/dining room on Pinterest....

The photograph in Diamond's bedroom is one of a series entitled "On The Beach" by photographer Richard Misrach, taken between 2002-2005.

Seeing the Misrach photo reminded me of a series of images I've been saving on Pinterest....
images of blue oceans, that beautiful aqua blue that you see in certain parts of the world.

I can remember driving around a corner of the island of Antigua on my honeymoon & suddenly seeing a huge expanse of water the colour of which that I had only previously seen in holiday brochures.....
a gorgeously shimmering turquoise,
the kind of colour you don't actually believe exists in nature until you see it with your own eyes.

We are planning to feature a lot of white in our new house, which is a new thing for me really, I've never decorated in that way before....
with my daughter's room, I painted everything white (floors & walls) and loved that the colour in the room was provided by the furnishings....the artwork, shelves of books, the rug etc.

It allowed her own personal & much loved possessions to stand out as a feature.

Our new kitchen will probably be white & I am thinking of having a large print in the dining part of the kitchen, since it is going to be one large open plan space.

love this Caribbean triptych by Gray Malin

Coogee Beach, Australia

and my absolute favourite....


  1. Oh these pictures are just stunning...especially that last gorgeous green one! Beautiful!

  2. Heaven, Heaven, Heaven. I have been enjoying these gorgeous beach scenes on your Pinterest boards. X

  3. Oh yes Apartment Therapy is great. A fellow blogger I know is being featured on their site and I am going to be posting about this later in the week. Such a great place to go for inspiration.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  4. Love these pictures. I was browsing some similar prints yesterday on One Kings Lane website. Love his kitchen just as much!

  5. Oh you have no idea how much I've been obsessing over similar images lately! I LOVE Gray Malin! I will own one of his prints one day I will! ;) I need one over my bed. Great minds think alike! ;)

  6. Stunning view. As an island girl I love the beach :0)


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