5 years of blogging.

just yesterday i realised that i hit my 5 years blogging anniversary in mid-may.
five years.
that's an awful lot of words.
and a lot of images. of course.

1200 posts. twelve hundred.

what i do know is that, whilst i had no idea where blogging would take me - nor exactly what i would write about....,
i do feel that it's taken me along a path that very possibly i would not have been on had i not done it.

london/new york city....
where i live vs. where my inner 25 yr old single girl self lives

it's been a positive, life enhancing, eye-opening joy of a ride....
introducing me to things i've never heard of
making me question & think about so many things,
i've met a lot of wonderful people....
and i've moved from wanting a fairly traditional home to yearning for an all-white house....
thank you pinterest ;)

it seems very odd to think that when i started blogging 5 years ago, pinterest didn't even exist!!

a friend said to me recently that when she thought of my blog, she didn't think of writing, she thought of imagery....i think that my blog has enough of both.

of course it is full of images, it pretty much always has been....

but the beauty of blogging remains that "it's-your-blog-you-can-do-what-you-like-with-it" 
sometimes, it's all about the pictures, sometimes i write what's in my heart & on my mind.

one of the great things about having your own blog & a space to write, is that it allows you to process thoughts & opinions, allowing you discover what you really feel about something. 

i believe that beautiful things both inspire & comfort...
be they words, views, faces or a gorgeous home.

blogging has given me some really fun challenges & opportunities and, these days, it earns me some £££ too....i am a full-time mother/part-time blogger & i love the balance that gives me.

my blog gives me a space to try things out, share ideas & inspiration, run my thoughts past anyone kind enough to listen, get the stuff that's filling up my brain on to paper....it gives me clarity
often it simply enables me to exhale.

i am pretty careful regarding what i write about my children - but when my daughter was being bullied at school 18 months ago & we were really having the most terrible time at home, i shared it on my blog....
it was the best thing that i could have done....
i received truly the most wonderful & heartfelt responses....
blog & facebook comments & emails from people i knew & from strangers.

i could go on & go on about the wonderfulness of having your own blog simply because it has been so good for me. 
it gave me an outlet to be me when i first began it as a mother of preschool toddler & now it continues to be just that, even though now my life is different in a multitude of ways.
it says a lot about my blog that i still can't imagine not doing it, of it not being part of my day.

blogging has allowed me to grow, to learn more about myself....simply to be more of myself.
and that has to be a good thing.

to everyone who reads my blog, a huge thank you.

to those who leave the most amazing/supportive/funny/ helpful comments....
thank you, thank you, thank you.  

i've only experienced kindness & positivity on my blog, not one negative comment ever....
i hope my blog reflects that. 

to those who have been there since the beginning, you probably know who you are
....Cathi, Amanda, Jackie, Tracy, Lori, Kim, Ziz, Lara, Marisa, Liz, Debra, Millie....

to the bloggers that i have been lucky enough to meet....
Jeanne, Vicki, Jackie, Lou, Melissa, Meredith, Ange - every single one them as wise & beautiful as i knew they would be.

and to Louise who i have to mention specifically....
we met through blogging, have met up just once, have children of similar ages, text frequently & are so often on the same page in our lives, it's quite uncanny at times.
i've met more than one blogger who has actually asked if we were the same person or if i wrote both blogs!!

immensely flattering for me, since she is the way way smarter, more eloquent, much better dressed, well read & more cerebral part of our friendship who encourages/listens/gets it & gives me a push when i need it.

i didn't plan for this to be such a long post....
but that's blogging, sometimes stuff just needs to be said....
and when i do write, i am seemingly unable to use 10 words where 100 will do ;)

thank you for reading.
simone xo


  1. Felicidades y a por muchos años más.
    Saludos y feliz día.

    1. That is my first Spanish comment, thank you so much! Here's to many more, absolutely!

  2. Thank YOU Simone, it was your blog that inspired me to start mine. Your positivity, energy, and innate sense of honesty and kindness shines through your blog. Thank you for sharing. xxx

    1. Thank you so much, that is a lovely thing to say Xx

  3. Awwww you made me cry!! Thank you for such kind words and as this is a 5 year anniversary mutual love-in, my riposte would be that YOUR blog inspired me to start in the first place. And I can confirm we are not one person; we are two!! Albeit a very similar two. You bring so much in what you write - and don't get me started on the images! Do you remember when I emailed you (when we didn't know each other) and asked if you were a magazine photo editor - such was your eye for beautiful pictures. Happy days!!
    I always look out for your posts, texts, emails - whatever form they come in and you've helped me through many a sticky wicket: teenage daughters/travel plans/dealing with internet trolls!!
    I have said it once and I am sure I will say it again: you are a kindred spirit Simone.
    Lou (your online doppelgänger) xxx

  4. Dear , dear Simone,
    Whenever you write a post about how long you've been blogging I know that I am only a few weeks behind. I've been there with you, pretty much fom the start, loved meeting up with you { she is just as lovely in real life as on her blog, people !! } and always read every one of your posts { even though I might not comment on them all !! }
    Here's to many more years of The Bottom of the Ironing Basket { we ate in The Clissold Arms last saturday [ I was looking out for you !!! ] } …. You are a dear blogging friend, I love you for your honesty, kindness and loyalty and look forward to more of your wonderful posts. Much love. XXXX

    1. We love The Clissold, the food is always so good there....I spend a lot more time in Of Special Interest now that we are down in Crouch Hill, I always keep an ear out for you, I'm convinced I'll bump into you there one of these Saturdays!!

      I know we started on our blogging journey together, I always remember that :) Thank you so much for the lovely words Jackie Xx

  5. It is your readers who should thank you for so many wonderful images and words you have posted. So thank you dear Simone.

    1. Thank you James....how nice to see you, thank you so much for leaving a comment. I miss your blog, I've popped over a few times to see if you were there....alas not :( I hope you are well Xx

  6. Congratulations Simone...you inspire me...you are a very lovely lady...I am happy to have met you through the wonderful world of blogging :) xx

    1. ....and you know you inspire me Catherine, it's been a total pleasure meeting you too Xx

  7. What a beautiful post! I absolutely agree with you - I know there are many people who would never "get" blogging, but it has been nothing but a positive in my life. I don't make a cent, and I go through phases in terms of what and how often I post, but being able to write out thoughts and feelings is helpful, and being able to look back is a beautiful thing as well. Your blog has been a favorite of mine for a long time, and it will continue to be. Love your honesty, of course the beautiful pictures, your love of London and NYC... Congratulations on 5!

    1. Thank you Mary, that is very kind of you. I very much enjoy following your blog & your story too....plus I hold you partly responsible for my musical education, I love your music choices :)

  8. Gosh - 5 years - thats a massive milestone. Congratulations!!
    Your posts are always so eloquent and heartfelt - I'm always so interested to see what is going on in your world - and in awe that you can get your thoughts down on paper? - no - screen!
    Keep on doing what you're doing.
    Have a lovely day,
    Liz x

    1. Thank you Liz....and thank you for always leaving me the loveliest comments, I appreciate them Xx

  9. Congratulations on 5 years! A lovely post, as always. Looking forward to the next five years too.

    1. Thank you Victoria...for all your lovely comments & blog support. I very much enjoy following your blog & your travels around the world X

  10. Lovely post and sentiment's. And thank YOU, you inspire, both through your writing and pictures. Xx

  11. Happy Blog Anniversary! I truly am thankful that I came across your blog those many years ago. I look forward to reading each and every one of your posts. Your posts always inspire me. You are the best! Lots of love and hugs sweet girl. A few more weeks and I will be in your neck of the woods! yeah!! xxoo

  12. I know that I am way late to the party but I wanted to jump on and wish you a happy belated. You know I adore you and absolutely love how blogging has brought us closer together. Some day sweet girl we will meet and I will give you that hug ~ we will drink blender drinks ~ listen to music from "our era" and we will dance and sing and laugh and talk.

  13. I have just been reading through your recent blog posts and I have to say that I think you are the friend everyone is searching for. You sound kind, empathetic and sensible. Words of wisdom dance off the page. Am so pleased to have found your blog. Imogen x


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