Shaping Up.

"All year long we wait for sun...."
states one of the quotes on my "summer" Pinterest board.

As soon as we have a few super-hot days in England, often in March/April, we all assume that summer is here....even though, deep down I think we all know better than to believe that, perhaps we just "hope" that summer is here....
it only takes a few days of sun to erase the memories of the dark days of a long cold winter.

There are talks of drought, hosepipes, remember-the-summer-of-76, hasty pedicures, more weather talk....
and we all pack our winter clothes away. 

Then of course the wettest May on record usually follows & we all begin to wonder if, actually, we've already had our summer....cue more weather talk.

I love England & the fact that we have four pretty clear seasons, I absolutely wouldn't have it any other way....but I am so ready for some sunshine.

Specifically, sunshine at the beach....
summer in the city & those long hot nights = not always that much fun.

This year though, I am soooo not beach-ready....I have work to do!
59 days & counting until we decamp to the south of France & almost 4 weeks at the beach.

I'll go the beach & love it of course....but I want to feel better, feel stronger, feel healthier.

A few weeks ago, I joined a new gym....again.
Like many of us, I've been a gym member off & on for years.

I walk quite a bit each day but felt I needed the routine of classes & gym workouts again....
and to make my fitness a clear goal.

I've been feeling run-down & sluggish recently, not sleeping well, not eating well enough....
you get the gist.

My new gym offers a wide range of classes & today I did my first one....Zumba, which I loved.

I have gone on & on about starting yoga....still haven't done it, what's up with that?!

I read here, here & here about the benefits of yoga....and I felt completely inspired. 

Tomorrow morning I am going to a pilates class....
yoga vs. pilates, any views on that, I'm not sure which would suit me best?

This month, I have promised myself to work out every day....
a variety of exercises, mostly the gym/classes but I plan to add in more walking & start running on a Sunday morning with my children again.

I'm planning to do a Fun Run with my children in July - only a mile, although right now I can't actually run a mile, not even close to challenge starts now!

I bought a couple of new running tops & some fabulous pink trainers....
I must mention the website, this is the third time I've bought running shoes/trainers from them for myself (and my children) & I can't recommend them enough....
they have a huge choice & have such great deals....I love my running shoes :)

Do you have plans for summer...
does the thought of the beach terrify motivate you like it does me....
or are you feeling in great shape at the moment anyway?
If you are feeling really good right now, tell me how you've done it....I'd love to know.


  1. I have been feeling rather tired as well lately. I've made a few small changes over the last couple weeks and already feel a difference! 1 - move every day. That's the obvious one, right? 2 - reduce alcohol. I didn't drink at all for a couple weeks and was amazed how much better I slept. I had two beers on Sunday and slept like crap. I'm definitely going to keep my beer/wine intake down. 3 - reduce carbs. I'm not one to cut anything completely out of my diet, but I started having yogurt or an egg in the morning instead of my usual toast. I left the pasta off my plate at dinner. Little tweaks here and there, and I notice it. 4 - healthy snacks. Instead of the chocolate-covered somethings in my fridge, or chips, I got a big tub of nuts (currently cashews but started with almonds). When I feel that mid-afternoon hunger hit, I grab a handful of nuts and maybe raisins.

    I totally know what you mean! We wait and wait and wait for summer, and when it finally arrives, it feels like "summer already?!? but I'm not ready!!". :-)

  2. Like Mary, I too have found that cutting down on the wine during the week has made a difference. I have started having yogurt and fruit for breakfast, I actually feel less hungry during the morning than if I have toast. I agree walking helps to clear the head. I too have been meaning to start yoga, still I haven't done it! Like the new header! xxx

  3. Hi Simone……glad we all feel the same! What has made a huge difference to me this past year, is going to classes which I never did before. I find the gym a difficult one to keep to, but I have found my 'Spinning' and 'Body Combat' classes so motivational and dare I say it, fun! I don't really know anyone at the classes, but everyone is friendly and we just have a bit of a laugh….but it's definitely effective! I lost a stone last year from just doing that and just eating healthily, but not cutting out treats altogether. A month on the beach….lucky you!

    Have a lovely day,

    Sophia x

  4. Woooah hello and love the new banner! So you. On the getting fit thing, for me the thing that worked was not that I needed to 'get fit' but that I needed to change my lifestyle to incorporate more fitness. Subtle difference but it was not concentrated on the end-game (bikini body) but rather the lifestyle (every day trying to do something). As you know I am a yoga convert - but what worked best was joining a class with friends. This, no question, makes me go more than any amount of doing it at home. Same with circuit training - a weekly class that I know other attend. Then running, which is kinda my first love, I do on my own. But that is much about getting the headspace as the fitness. Those three things and having a dog to walk all add up to the get fit lifestyle for me!!
    And on food - that's a moveable thing - sometimes I am good. Sometimes really not. And as for wine - interested to see comments above on cutting down on wine and its positive results. Might try that...but then I really would have no vices except shopping...hmmmm ;-)
    Lou x
    P.S. Meanwhile I honestly wouldn't mind a 1976-esque summer; where is the sun???!!!

  5. Like Mary, I've cut down my carb intake and definitely feel the benefit. I have been enjoying fruity smoothies with added supergreens in powder form too.
    Last month I started having 1 to 1 Pilates sessions, I have 2 more planned then shall be attending 2 classes a week knowing I have the techniques mastered. These have really helped my lower back niggles.....
    Running and walking my dog.....chillout time!

    Great ew banner, enjoy your new gym classes!

  6. Mercy, if I had a body like that , I'd be ready for anything..

  7. Sluggish and tired... Despite practising yoga 4-5 times a week. I am leaving mid next week. How likely is it to get the jiggly bits under control before next Thursday? Don't answer that ;-) xx
    PS: I find yoga much more mentally grounding than Pilates. Though Pilates is great to work on those jiggly bits...

    1. Interesting...I've just got back from my very first Pilates class....I really enjoyed it, the teacher is a 70-something New Yorker, quite a character! I'll definitely go again but it's interesting you mentioned about the mental aspects of yoga, I did wonder about that. I think I will try yoga in the next few weeks for sure.
      I was very excited to read about your move & your yoga plans....can 't wait to hear how it all goes Deborah, I really wish you well Xx

  8. I'm not ready for summer yet - although our summer is nearly year round but bathing suit ready - I don't think I ever will be...haha...I am doing a lot of walking lately and have done yoga and pilates and love both of them. I've been more partial to yoga lately - I need it more to center myself. Love to you, lovely lady! xxoo

  9. Thanks for dropping by and your lovely message...I know yoga and pilates are often put together and they both certainly work the core but for me it is the mindfulness and attention one brings to yoga that makes this discipline/practice so wonderful...I find it so hard to express Simone just how much yoga has become such an important part of my daily life; on and off the is a spiritual practice and works so closely with the mind as well at the body it awakens your soul!
    Your pilates teacher sounds wonderful and inspiring. Let me know how you find the yoga class...there are so many styles of yoga and indeed teachers and it can take awhile before you find the right one...keep looking until you do, you won't regret it, I promise. With my love xx

  10. Thank you so much Catherine, I knew you would have some good advice for me. I did another pilates class this morning - same gym but another teacher that was recommended by a friend, I really liked it. My gym teaches Iyengar yoga, I will be trying out a class ASAP. I love what you say about awakening your soul...Xx


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