Five Recipes for....Bruschetta.

bruschetta bar via entertaining idea in the world, yes!

(all photos via the respective blogs, all recipes link back to the food blogs that I found them on).


  1. Bruschetta Bar...I love it! We have been into bruschetta in a big way this summer...entering peek tomato season too..HEAVEN on a crispy slice of bread with just a swipe of garlic when fresh out of the oven..yum! We are most definitely on the same page Simone...thinking alike across the sea. :)

  2. Hello,dear Simone!
    Wow...such a very big choices if bruschetta and I am so very bug fan of:)
    Oh,fig brushetta is really delicious!

    THANKYOU for all these tips,
    Wish you lovely week ahead,
    Hugs from Holland,

  3. Ooh….we love bruschetta here at home! It is such a great way of using so much from the kitchen garden at this time of year, and makes a great easy weekend lunch! We have an abundance if figs this year, and have been using them in all sorts of ways, but never thought of them on bruschetta before. Love the bruschetta bar idea! Hope you are having a lovely summer? Looks like the recent blustery weather has subsided for now, and I have woken to beautiful blue skies and sunshine down here in Kent…….

    Sophia x

  4. My summer isn't complete with lots of tomato bruschetta, and Greek salads too. Yum!


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