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Stella McCartney....Hideaway

“I grew up in the country, and I like being isolated,” says Stella. “So when I see a building on the horizon, I want to plant a tree in front of it. That’s my natural instinct.”

For some reason, more than anything else I have read or seen about Stella Macartney, this interview with Hamish Bowles on about her "Wiltshire hideaway" really made me like her.

I admire anyone who can really have a clear vision of something and then actually set about creating it and I love how she and her husband, Alasdhair Willis, are in the process of establishing the most beautiful gardens - and house - and that the gardens combine both structure and random elements. It's a huge project but you can sense that Stella, clearly her mother's daughter full of strength and determination, will not stop until it is completed. Linda McCartney was a wonderful woman of great substance, someone who always had a sense of purpose....her daughter has obviously inherited that trait.

To read the interview, see here ....

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